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The Last Tree    2007 Whiteley Award for Children's Literature

The Last Tree is the story of a beautiful eucalyptus tree that grew in one of the old growth forests of south-eastern Australia.  It was the centre of life in the forest and provided food and shelter for all who lived there over hundreds of years.  But what happens when the old tree is threatened as the expanding city grows nearer?

(a story with a positive message for pre-school to 12+)


Written and Illustrated by Mark Wilson Publish by Lothian/Hachette Children's Books


Carpet of Dreams

When Sara goes to stay with her grandmother, she discovers a dusty old Turkish carpet in the attic. Mesmerised by the beautiful animals woven into the carpet, she embarks upon a magical and dreamlike journey that takes her back through time and place to discover the roots of her family.  The book celebrates the importance of family and cultural history and the special bond between grandparent and grandchild.

(for 6 to 12+ yrs)

Written by Tessa Duder Publish by Harper Collins


Fortuyn's Ghost

"On a three-quarter moon, a bell tolls, marking the minutes to midnight, and a rotted timber backbone slowly rises from a watery grave".

This is the story of the ship Fortuyn in the year 1724 which vanished after leaving the Cape of Good Hope, bound for Batavia. She was laden with gold ingots and bullion.

 Fortuyn's Ghost imagines that fateful voyage to its likely end on Western Australia's treacherous Ship Wreck Coast, a place well known for nautical hauntings.

(for 8 to 14+ yrs)

Written by Mark Greenwood Publish by CYGNET BOOKS


Prayer for the Animals

Prayer for the animals is a picture book for children of all ages. It is not only a plea for animals that are endangered or on the brink of extinction, but also a celebration of all the wonderful creatures we share the world with.
Written and Illustrated by Mark Wilson Publish by Lothian/Hachette Bhildren's Books



The Fiery Salamander

The fiery salamander has hot scales and breathes flames on anyone who comes near him. The other animals must stop him, but he is so much bigger.  Sometimes it is the little ones who have the best ideas...

Children's novel with black and white illustrations (for 8 to 14+ yrs).

Author: Colin Thiele Published by Lothian/Hachette Children's Books


Young Murphy

This is the true story of John Murphy, written by Gary Crew. Young Murphy  was a fifteen year old Irish boy who accompanied the explored Ludwig Leichhardt on his infamous journey of discovery from Queensland to the Northern Territory. Unlike some, young Murphy was lucky to survive. It is a true story of a boys courage and adventure in Outback Australia.

CBCA Award, Notable Australian Children's Book, 2006

Author: Gary Crew Published by Lothian/Hachette Children's Books


Rodeo Darcy

The best thing about living on a cattle station in the Kimberly is the rodeos. Twelve year old Darcy dreams of becoming a great rider, just like old Jim, so he watches carefully as Jim teaches him all he knows about horse breaking. When the old man dies Darcy is devastated, but his life turns around when he receives a surprising gift. And when rodeo time comes around again, Darcy is ready to fulfill his dream.

Western Australian Premier's Book Award Shortlist, 2005

Author: Alison Gregory Published by CYGNET BOOKS


The Extinction Trilogy

     By raising awareness through my books of extinct species like the Thylacine, the Gastric Brooding Frog and the Paradise Parrot, we can gain an understanding of the causes and effects of extinction, and this may help us to save threatened species in the future. Awareness is the first step.

I Saw Nothing

The Extinction of the Thylacine. A true story about the Thylacine, tragically declared a protected species after the last of them had died.......

I Said Nothing

The Extinction of the Paradise Parrot. Harry tells the story of the death of the Paradise Parrots. He blames the trappers, but realises that he must bear some of the blame himself.

I Did Nothing

The Extinction of the Gastric Brooding Frog. With the death of the last Gastric Brooding Frog, Zeek decides he has to do something about preserving Earth's endangered species.

Wilderness Society Environment Award for Children's Literature 2004 ( the series)

Whiteley Award 2004

Notable Australian Children's Book Award 2004


Written by Gary Crew

Published by Lothian/Hachette Children's Books

Yellow- Eye

The Yellow-eye fish were becoming scarce. Neither the Impatjara Aboriginal community nor the white community could find the answer. This is a story about communication; the ways different cultures approach problems and how how they view the world.


Wilderness Society Environment Award for Children's Literature 2002 
Notable Australian Children's Book, Children's Book Council of Australia 1999
Written by David Spillman Published by ERA Publications


The Castaways of the Charles Eaton

Based on a true story. What really happened to the passengers and crew of the Charles Eaton that fateful day in 1834? How was it that two years later the rescue vessel Isabella found only two of the survivors? Will the truth ever be told?


Written by Gary Crew Published by Lothian/Hachette Children's Books


Wings Series

Jo and the Spider

What will Jo do about the siper on her bed?

Written by Robyn Opie

Oh No!

Jo helps the frog and the fish, but what will she do about the bear?

Written Michael Steer

Both Books published by ERA Publications



Written by Jan Weeks

Published by Nelson Thomson

The Penguin Shore

Written by Tim O'Brien

The Valley of Bones

Written by Gary Crew

Published by Lothian

The Lie

Written by Phillip Nielson

Published by Lothian

The Sea where I Swim

Written by Gwen Pascoe

Published by Nelson Australia

Daniel's Secret

Written by Christobel Mattingly

Published by Scholastic Australia

A Girl with Magic in her Blood

Written by Billy Dean

Published by Longman

Hello Barney

Written by Mary K Purshall

Published by Penguin

The Monster at the Beach

Written by Dot Meharry

Published by Shortland

Pitch Black

Written by Janeen Brian

Published by Nelson Thomson

Say Cheese

Written by John Parker

Published by Shortland

Up a Gum Tree

Written Kim Caraher

Published by Longman